Q&A:Will E-cigarettes Lure Non-smokers to Gradually Transition to Smoking Cigarettes?

January 28, 2022 0 By eleaf

Q: Will E-cigarettes Lure Non-smokers to Gradually Transition to Smoking Cigarettes?

A: This statement takes advantage of many people’s assumptions: e-cigarettes are also vaping. If you are not addicted to smoking, you will naturally seek more exciting cigarettes. So what is the truth?

Jacques Le Houezec, a neuroscientist at the French National Institute of Medicine, analyzed EU poll data in detail. The results show that only 0.09% of non-smokers will use e-cigarettes every day after trying e-cigarettes. stop.

In terms of attitudes towards e-cigarettes, governments around the world have emphasized their impact on young people. For example, the FDA’s recent news about banning certain e-liquid flavors to prevent teenagers from becoming addicted to e-cigarettes is a hot topic in major American media, but in fact, Whether e-cigarettes can lead to addiction among teenagers is still controversial.

Four representative surveys of UK teenagers in 2014 showed that 8% of young people had tried e-cigarettes at least once, but only 2% of them used e-cigarettes regularly, and most of these people had a history of smoking. In a survey of about 9,000 11- to 16-year-olds in Wales, only 54 non-smokers regularly used e-cigarettes.

Not just the UK, but the Journal of the American Medical Association followed up with 3,300 participants in ten Los Angeles high schools, and 7% had used e-cigarettes at least once in the past 30 days. But when the researchers looked at 2,530 subjects who had never used tobacco at the start of the study, only 222 of them (8.7 percent) said they had tried e-cigarettes.

This tells us that while young people are trying e-cigarettes, and the percentage who claim to have tried it, is on the rise, only a very small number of young non-smokers are regularly drawn to these e-cig products.

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