Is The Luxurious VOOPOO Vmate E Kit Deserve Having?

In order to pursue a higher quality of life, people’s requirements for daily necessities have also increased. This has prompted producers to innovate in order to meet the needs of customers. Electronic cigarettes are no exception. It is a manifestation of a high-end lifestyle. And this best VOOPOO Vmate E Kit to be introduced today is the product of people’s high.

VOOPOO Vmate E Kit UK Purcahse

What are the characteristics of a specially crafted Kit?
This e-cigarette features a very striking design right from the outside. The full leather body is also thoughtfully designed with a holster cover with 5A Freshness-Seal for you, which minimizes the leakage of vape juice and makes the pod kit more convenient to put in your pocket.

An intimate visual transparent window allows you to see the location of the e-liquid for easy refilling. The metal bezel design in some colors becomes the finishing touch, giving VOOPOO Vmate E an extra luxurious and high-end look.

What are the benefits of using the Vmate E Kit?
On the side of the body, you can see an adjustable airflow key, which you can move up and down for airflow control. Specially customized to belong to their own preferred inhalation.

Equipped with four small LED lights that light up both when inhaling and when charging, and will thoughtfully alert you to the power level. The 1200mAh built-in battery can be said to definitely stand out among many pod system kits. The maximum power can reach 20W.

What replacement parts are available?
If your pod has been used for a long time, it can be easily replaced. The VMATE V2 Pod comes with a 3ml capacity and the magnetic connection makes removal easy. The ergonomic mouthpiece is more suitable for users to inhale. And is designed for nicotine salts. The 0.7ohm and 1.2ohm coils produce pleasant MTL vaping and a silky mouthfeel.

This trendy Kit can definitely be your fashion item to bring to any occasion without losing face. VOOPOO Vmate E is worth having for every customer.

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Does Innokin Endura T22 Pro Kit Feature A Comprehensive Design?

The quality of an e-cigarette should be analyzed not only by the quality of the product but also by the performance of the product, the life of the product, and the taste it can bring. Of course, everyone’s needs for electronic cigarettes are different, which also requires a more comprehensive and intelligent design of e-cigarettes. So does this Innokin Endura T22 Pro Kit meet these demands? We can learn to see.

Innokin Endura T22 Pro Kit UK Hot

How does Innokin Endura T22 Pro Kit perform?
Compared to other Endura series, the Endura T22 Pro Vape Mod Kit comes with a larger battery capacity, 3000mAh is a third larger than any previous ones, and in order to enhance the experience, the kit must reflect progress in terms of functionality. Obviously, it did. The smart mode makes the kit have 4 levels of adjustable power, 9W, 11W, 12.5W, and 13.5W.

In order to bring a more matching taste to the user, Innokin has made the e-cigarette with care. To prevent over-vaping that could cause the e-liquid to dry out or short circuit, Innokin adopts a 10S cut-off function to ensure proper operation of the device.

What are Endura T22 Pro Kit’s specifications?
Electronic cigarettes as a product often held in the hands and must be comfortable enough, taking this into account, Innokin applies aluminum alloy and zinc alloy materials for shell production. Not only is it smooth to the touch, but also more resistant to use. The large 4.5ml vape juice capacity allows vapers to enjoy a longer vaping time. If the e-juice runs out, you can also easily slide the top cap to fill it, with no leakage troubles.

The paired coils range in resistance from 0.6ohm to 3.5ohm. And the optional range is designed to let more users select the best coil for their needs.

• Compact And Durable Design
• 3000mAh Built-in Battery
• 4 Level Adjustable Wattage
• 4.5ml Vape Juice
• Designed For 0.6ohm-3.5ohm coils

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