Small And Lightweight: Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Mini Kit

Vandy Vape has launched another series of products of the same name for their most classic Pulse AIO, which has been officially released to everyone in the past two weeks. Pulse AIO Mini is a mini version, the most anticipated is its size. In fact, just like its name, just looking at the size is indeed much more compact than the original Pulse AIO, of course, the weight is also relatively reduced. Really small and lightweight.

As a vape starter kit, Pulse AIO Mini is undoubtedly very good. The fuselage is reinforced with polycarbonate material, which is more resistant to beating and more durable than the previous generation. Despite the smaller size, the design is not ambiguous at all. The translucent matte body allows you to see the internal structure clearly, making your use experience more comprehensive and full of reality. The front is printed with a modern pattern, which makes the whole device richer.

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Mini uses 18650 batteries, which can provide a maximum output power of 80W. Moreover, the compact device is also equipped with a screen on which you can see the data of temperature control, bypass, voltage and various smart modes. The Vessel coil tank has a capacity of 5ml, and you don’t need to refill the liquid often. The Pulse AIO Mini is also compatible with VVC coils, allowing for a full burn with a satisfying throat attack and smoke volume. You will be addicted to the wonderful experience brought by AIO Mini.

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Mini sale

Size: 52.592.526.2
Pod Capacity: 5ml
Battery: 18650 battery(not included)
Resistance: 0.05-3.0Ω
Voltage: 0.5-6.0V
Power: 5-80W
Charging Current: 1000mAh
Maxim Output Current: 32A

USB type-c charging
Small and lightweight
New square button
Matching inner panel
New airflow adjustment
Supports 18650 battery
Adjustable positive pin
Compatible with VVC coils

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Stylish Design: Vandy Vape Bskr Elite Vape

Vape Pen is one of the most sought after electronic cigarettes today, which is characterized by its small size and pen shape. Therefore, it is very convenient to carry when going out, and it is also very good to hold in the hand when using it. But there are also many people who worry that its functions are not powerful enough, but in fact these vaping devices can not only support daily use, but also equipped with many user-friendly functions. Whether it is the most basic vape or the advanced version, it can meet the requirements.

Vandy Vape Online products have reached the standard of a perfect vape pen kit both in appearance and function. Bskr Elite is a vaping device that I admire the most. Although there are only three colors: frosted gray, matte black and SS, but without the bright colors, you can focus on the device itself. On the top of the atomizer, the part loaded with e-liquid is transparent, you can always pay attention to the use of e-liquid, and add it in time before it is completely exhausted.

The top filling system of Vandy Vape Bskr Elite can not only effectively prevent liquid leakage, but also facilitate the filling of e-liquid. Use VVC coil to provide you with excellent MTL Vaping. The device is powered by 18650 batteries, and the ultra-fast charging Type-C will provide you with enough security. At the same time, Bskr Elite also has an indicator light that can prompt the battery status, which is also helpful for you to control the status of the battery in real time. For novices, it is also a very easy to operate and error-free device.

Vandy Vape Bskr Elite in stock

Battery: 18650 battery
Resistance: 0.2-3.0Ω
Input Voltage: 5±0.25V
Output Voltage: 3.6V
Capacity: 3ml
Filling: Top filling
Charging: Type-C
Adapter: 510

Easy coil change
Adjustable airflow
Reliable in every situation
Secure pod fixation
Convenient Type-C fast charging
Fit for VVC coil
Possibility to use atomizers with 510 connector

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