Puffco Peak Atomizer


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Puffco Peak Atomizer is a part made for the Puffco Peak Vaporizer. It helps make the vaporizer work properly. The atomizer has a bottom part, a ceramic bowl in the middle, and a ring on top. It’s made so that it only uses safe materials and doesn’t affect the taste of what you’re vaping. It’s good for wax or concentrates. It doesn’t use things like plastic or fiber that can change the taste or make it smell bad.

This atomizer gives you a very pure taste and doesn’t burn the material. You can clean it with a special kind of alcohol but don’t try to take it apart. It’s made of strong metal and has a special design that helps it heat up just right. It only works with the Puffco Peak Vaporizer. The part where you put the material is made of quartz, a special kind of material that can handle heat well.

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