Can We Take Disposable E-cigarettes on the Plane?

May 19, 2022 0 By eleaf

Can we take Eleafworld.FR e-cigarettes on the plane? We tell you clearly that it is possible.

  1. Disposable electronic cigarettes have no pressure to pass the security inspection, whether it is e-liquid or the device has a battery.
  2. If your electronic cigarette has a built-in battery or device but the battery is not removed, it is a violation.
  3. Please respect your own usage habits when using electronic cigarettes. Especially quit smoking in public places where others don’t know what’s in your hands.
  4. However, if the security check at some airports does not understand electronic cigarettes, please cooperate with the check.

Electronic cigarettes can be brought on the plane through security. Generally speaking, disposable electronic cigarettes can be brought on the plane, because the structure of Eleaf iWũ is relatively special and not much harmful. If prohibited items are found during security inspection, they may be handed over to the public security organs for processing.

Liquids, gels and sprays are not allowed, such as: mineral water, creams, gels, etc. Knives, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. are also not allowed. Lighters, matches, etc. that can be lit are also not allowed.

If the Eleaf E-cigarette Online is an external battery, that is, if an additional battery needs to be installed, it is recommended to carry the battery with you.

If it is a machine with a built-in battery, it is recommended to separate the machine from the atomizer, then empty the e-juice in the atomizer, and check the body and e-liquid as much as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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