What is the Nicotine Inhalation of E-cigarettes Related to?

May 17, 2022 0 By eleaf

The nicotine content of e-cigarettes from Eleafworld.FR is actually not low, so you will consume a certain amount of nicotine every day, but you need to know how much nicotine you will inhale.

What is the nicotine inhalation of e-cigarettes related to?

Mostly it has to do with the nicotine content and how much you puff.

The nicotine contained in e-cigarette juice is generally 3%-5%, and one cartridge is almost three packs of cigarettes, so if one cartridge for three days is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes a day.

Of course, the nicotine in e-cigarettes mod is different from the nicotine in cigarettes. Today’s e-cigarettes are all nicotine salts added.

Nicotine salts were invented in 15 years. The nicotine of traditional e-liquid is free base (FREEBASE), also known as free radical form. His disadvantage is that it is very irritating to the sore throat, so the traditional milligrams are 3 mg and 6 mg, and generally up to 9 mg and 12 mg, which is very irritating to the throat and difficult to enter the throat.

Compared with traditional cigarettes, the nicotine absorption efficiency of atomized aromatherapy humidifiers is very low, so the rate of increasing nicotine (the rate of increasing the nicotine content in the blood) of low-milligram free radicals is also very low, which makes it difficult to smoke free radicals in the past. To solve the addiction, the circle had no choice but to promote him to the big smoke of young, trendy and cool personality.

Nicotine salt is a new chemical form of free radical nicotine combined with organic acid, which is similar to salt. Its biggest feature is that it has little irritation to the throat, so it can make high-milligram content of e-liquid of iStick T80 MELO 4 without significantly irritating the throat. On the premise of increasing the concentration of milliliter units, in order to increase the speed of liters, make it close to the addiction relief effect of traditional cigarettes, so as to achieve the effect of replacing cigarettes.

This is why nicotine salts basically start at 20 mg, 30 mg or even 50 mg per milliliter. Please don’t be intimidated by the numbers, which are one of the arguments in the traditional media attacking aromatherapy humidifiers. As I said earlier, the absorption rate of atomization is very low. In fact, it is 35 mg, and the overall absorption is only close to that of traditional cigarettes.

The above is all the content related to the nicotine inhalation of electronic cigarettes. In fact, it is mainly related to your inhalation amount. You should pay attention to control it and do not smoke too frequently. In fact, nicotine salts are actually more easily absorbed by the human body. Too much is not good for the body.

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