Is the Oil Leak of E-cigarettes Poisonous When Inhaled in the Mouth?

May 31, 2022 0 By eleaf

Is the oil leak of e-cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR poisonous when inhaled in the mouth? It is very common to inhale e-liquid when using e-cigarettes. I believe that every e-cigarette user will encounter this situation, so some users worry about whether it will be harmful to the body.

Is the oil leak of e-cigarettes poisonous when inhaled in the mouth?

Generally, inhaling a small amount of e-liquid will not cause poisoning, because most of the e-liquid components of electronic cigarettes are edible, and all small amounts of e-liquid have no effect. If you accidentally inhale e-liquid into your mouth, it is recommended to rinse your mouth immediately. Just rinse out the e-liquid in your mouth, no need to worry too much.

Of course, it is also possible that the oil leakage of the electronic cigarette is relatively serious. It is recommended that you replace the pod or a brand of electronic cigarette. The oil leakage can only be done relatively well at present, and cannot be completely eliminated.

Why is the e-cigarette liquid sucked into the mouth?

  1. The oil in the oil storage tank is infiltrated into the atomizing core through the small round hole of the electronic cigarette atomizer, and then the electronic cigarette oil infiltrated by the electric heater of the atomizing core is used. If it is too full, the gas pressure in the atomizing chamber will be low, and under the action of heavy energy, more e-liquid will penetrate into the atomizing core, so it is very easy to be discharged from the filter or sucked into the mouth.

Do not overfill or overfill oil for infused iStick Basic.

  1. When applying, it will subconsciously blow air into the electronic cigarette for inspection. The structure of the refillable electronic cigarette is different from that of the injected electronic cigarette. Blowing air into it for a long time will sometimes cause frying oil. The traces were blown into the base together, coupled with the long-term deposition of cold liquid, resulting in oil seepage.
  2. The sealant ring is the most likely to be lost or damaged during the application of electronic cigarettes. Oil seepage can also occur if the sealant ring that makes contact between the atomizing core and the base is lost or damaged.
  3. The oil supply part of the e-vapor cigarette and the fusion part with the rechargeable battery rod are connected according to the sealant ring and the flange. If the external thread is not tightened and the sealant ring is not squeezed, the sealing effect will not be achieved, which will cause the e-liquid to penetrate from the filter or the part fused with the rechargeable battery rod.
  4. Improper application method and excessive smoking range or too fast cause the electronic cigarette oil to be sucked into the mouth.
  5. The e-liquid in the e-vapor cigarette is left for a long time before it is used up, which will also cause oil leakage. Since most e-vapor cigarettes are all negative pressure oil guiding structures, long-term storage will continue to guide the oil because the gas pressure of the e-cigarette vaporizer always exists, and the e-liquid that is used as the atomizing core will penetrate too much. The base causes oil seepage.

To sum up, e-cigarette oil leakage is a relatively common problem. Usually a small amount of e-liquid enters the mouth, but generally a small amount will not affect the body. Everyone should try to use e-cigarettes correctly, and it can be better and less Oil spill situation.

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