How Many Puffs of E-cigarettes Are Appropriate to Smoke A Day?

May 7, 2022 0 By eleaf

Many consumers wonder how many puffs of e-cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR a day is more appropriate. After all, smoking is somewhat convenient. It’s easy to smoke too much and it’s bad for their health. Therefore, they need to deliberately understand the inhalation volume of e-cigarettes, otherwise it is not a good thing to be too addicted to e-cigarettes. Therefore, it is appropriate to calculate how many puffs you smoke a day based on using cigarettes instead of cartridges.

How many puffs of e-cigarettes are appropriate to smoke a day?

If one e-cigarette is equal to how many cigarettes, it is related to the capacity of the cartridge. A 1.5ml pod is expected to smoke about 450-500 cigarettes. If you switch to cigarettes, it’s about 2.5 bags. The 2ml pod is expected to smoke about 600 cigarettes, and it is about 3 packs of cigarettes. The specific situation depends on the size of the pod.

According to the calculation of one pod in two days, about 250-300 puffs a day. If one pod for three days, 160-200 puffs a day. So according to this data, it is normal to smoke about 200 e-cigarettes a day. Of course, some cigarette addicts can smoke five or six hundred puffs a day. This amount is a bit large, but it still needs to be controlled.

Because most brands of smoke bombs are 500-600 now, you can see how many days you smoke, and then divide by the number of days to know how many Eleaf Vaping Device are there. One smoke bomb for two days belongs to a little level, and one smoke bomb for three days is a common the situation, so the recommendation is a smoke bomb for three days, if you can smoke longer the better, you don’t smoke.

After all, too much nicotine is bad. Everyone metabolizes nicotine at a different rate. try your best. Do not smoke if you feel dizzy and nauseous. These symptoms are basically due to excess.

But now e-cigarettes are also beginning to inhale reminders, generally vibrating to remind you how much you smoke, and even some e-cigarette displays tell you how many puffs you take, you can pay attention to their smoking addiction, and even deliberately control their smoking in order to completely quit smoking and give up IORE PRIME It is said that smoking cessation is successful, otherwise it can only be called successful smoking.

How many puffs of e-cigarettes a day is more appropriate? To sum up, about 200 mouthfuls a day is more appropriate. Of course, it’s not authoritative, but most people are this amount. The key to switching to cigarettes based on cartridges is your own smoking frequency. In short, less is better.

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