Can E-cigarettes Calm the Nerves? – Mostly False Propaganda

April 1, 2022 0 By eleaf

Some netizens asked whether Eleafworld.FR e-cigarettes can soothe the nerves? I don’t know where it came from. It is estimated that some merchants are falsely advertising. In fact, whether e-cigarettes can soothe the nerves depends on the ingredients. After all, if you want to soothe the nerves, you need to have soothing ingredients. this effect.

Can e-cigarettes calm the nerves?

Eleaf Kits Online do not have a soothing effect, and may still have the possibility of refreshing. Many users report that smoking electronic cigarettes causes insomnia, and many electronic cigarettes have mint-flavored cartridges, and mint has a refreshing effect.
If you want to calm the nerves, you should use more scientific methods, such as exercise. For those who have difficulty falling asleep for a long time, exercise is a very good method. Running, skipping rope, and playing badminton are all very good choices, but remember Do not do too vigorous exercise.
You can also listen to light music and listen to some soothing music before you want to sleep, turn on the air conditioner to your favorite temperature, and then fall asleep. Some sleep aids on the market are not recommended to be tried. Sleeping is also a natural process.
And electronic cigarettes do not have any soothing effect, you can tell by looking at the ingredients. There are only so many things in electronic cigarettes, how can there be soothing ingredients.

Here are a few ways to soothe the mind:

  1. Exercise helps sleep, such as moderate light activities before going to bed, doing aerobic exercise, such as jogging, playing badminton, etc.
  2. You can drink milk appropriately, and patients with severe symptoms can also take Anshen Bunao Liquid.
  3. Listening to light music, music can cultivate people’s sentiments, and can also block noise, which has certain benefits for calming the nerves and helping sleep.
  4. Burn your feet before going to bed to promote the blood circulation of the soles of the feet, and it can also promote the blood circulation of the whole body.

To sum up, Eleaf iStick Pico do not have any soothing ingredients, so any propaganda that e-cigarettes can soothe the nerves is false propaganda. You must not believe that e-cigarettes can at most replace cigarettes, which is also its biggest role.

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