E-cigarettes Are More Helpful for Dependent Smokers Than Nicotine Replacement Therapy

E-cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR are more effective than nicotine replacement therapy in achieving long-term reductions and smoking cessation, according to the results of a clinical trial at Queen Mary University of London.

About 80% of smokers who received intensive treatment continued to smoke after one year. Smokers can benefit from ways to reduce the harms of smoking without stopping nicotine use, with the option to stop nicotine use at a later time. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) such as nicotine patches, chewing gum, nasal/oral sprays and inhalers have been approved for this method for over 30 years. They work, especially if behavioral support is also provided, but not so much.

In the first study of its kind, researchers recruited 135 smokers who were unable to quit with conventional treatment. They were randomly assigned to receive an 8-week supply of NRT of their choice or an iStick Trim pack, with instructions to purchase more e-liquids of their own choice of strength and flavor. Products come with minimal cessation behavioral support.

The results, published in the journal Addiction, found significant differences in the e-cigarette group in reducing smoking, including quitting completely. After six months, 27% of the participants in the e-cigarette group had reduced their smoking by at least half, compared with 6% in the NRT group. Carbon monoxide readings in the participants’ breath confirmed there were also significant differences in complete abstinence rates — 19 percent of participants in the e-cigarette group quit smoking, compared with 3 percent in the NRT group.

The results suggest that for dependent smokers, recommending a refillable e-cigarette with a patient-selected e-liquid strength and flavor is more effective than prescribing NRT. The cost of e-cigarette starter packs is also much lower than NRT.

Lead researcher and health psychologist Dr Katie Myers Smith, from Queen Mary University of London, said: “These results have important clinical implications for smokers who have previously been unable to quit with conventional treatment. It should be recommended to smokers who have previously had difficulty quitting using other methods. Vaping e-cigs, especially when behavioral support is limited.”

Michelle Mitchell, chief executive of Cancer Research UK, which funded the study, said: “This study shows that e-cigarettes are a very effective tool for people who want to quit smoking, including those People who have tried to quit smoking before. Research to date shows that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking. But e-cigarettes are not without risks, and we don’t yet know their long-term effects, so people who have never smoked should not use them.

“It’s important to switch completely to reap the benefits and reduce the risk of cancer. Talk to your GP or your local free smoking cessation service to find the best option for you.”

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Can Mobile Phone Chargers Charge E-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarette of Eleafworld.FR sets generally contain data cables, but many do not have charging heads, so the mobile phone charging head can be used directly to charge, so you can use your own mobile phone charger to charge the electronic cigarette, as long as the charging head is the same, Then it can be fully charged in an hour.

Can mobile phone chargers charge e-cigarettes?

Except that the interface of the iphone does not match the electronic cigarette, other mobile phones can be used directly for the electronic cigarette, but some mobile phones are fast charging, the output power of the charging head is relatively large, and the iStick Pico 25 are all low-power devices. Charging the electronic cigarette may damage the battery.
So basically, as long as the interface of the mobile phone is the same as that of the electronic cigarette, the electronic cigarette can be charged directly, but everyone should pay attention to the power of the charging head. Now many mobile phones are fast charging, and the power of the charging head is very large, which may affect the electronic cigarette. The battery of the smoke is damaged.
In addition, the charging time of the electronic cigarette battery should not be too long. When the indicator light of the battery charger is off or turns gray, it generally means that it is fully charged. At this time, the charger can be unplugged.
The charging of electronic cigarettes is very fast now. With the continuous efforts of R&D personnel, Eleaf electronic cigarette technology and functions have been continuously improved and perfected, and it is usually fully charged within an hour.

What are the types of mobile phone chargers?

There are three main types of mobile phone chargers today: Micro USB and type-C ports for Android phones and Lightning ports commonly used in Apple products.
The Micro USB interface is a reduced version of the USB 2.0 standard. For foolproof and blind insertion, it can only be inserted on one side and supports data exchange. Only compatible with USB1.1 and USB 2.0 The transfer speed is very slow. Micro USB data cable is currently more commonly used in mobile phones on the market. Most Android mobile phones use MicroUSB data cable to charge and transmit data.
The Type-C interface is compatible with the USB3.1 standard, the plug can be inserted in both directions, and the transmission speed is fast. Now the interface of Android phones is gradually changing from Micro USB to Type C adapter cable (data cable). Type C adapter cable will also become the mainstream of Android phones in the future
The Lightning interface is a special interface designed by Apple for their company’s products. Starting with the iPhone 5, almost all new iPhones and new iPads are equipped with Lightning data interfaces. There are 8 contacts on both sides of the Lightning interface, and like the USB Type C interface, it also has the feature that it can be plugged in both sides.

To sum up, as long as your electronic cigarette can be connected to any of the above mobile phone charger ports, you can directly use it to charge the electronic cigarette. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the power of the charging head should not be too large, because there are still There are some high power chargers.

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Is the Oil Leak of E-cigarettes Poisonous When Inhaled in the Mouth?

Is the oil leak of e-cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR poisonous when inhaled in the mouth? It is very common to inhale e-liquid when using e-cigarettes. I believe that every e-cigarette user will encounter this situation, so some users worry about whether it will be harmful to the body.

Is the oil leak of e-cigarettes poisonous when inhaled in the mouth?

Generally, inhaling a small amount of e-liquid will not cause poisoning, because most of the e-liquid components of electronic cigarettes are edible, and all small amounts of e-liquid have no effect. If you accidentally inhale e-liquid into your mouth, it is recommended to rinse your mouth immediately. Just rinse out the e-liquid in your mouth, no need to worry too much.

Of course, it is also possible that the oil leakage of the electronic cigarette is relatively serious. It is recommended that you replace the pod or a brand of electronic cigarette. The oil leakage can only be done relatively well at present, and cannot be completely eliminated.

Why is the e-cigarette liquid sucked into the mouth?

  1. The oil in the oil storage tank is infiltrated into the atomizing core through the small round hole of the electronic cigarette atomizer, and then the electronic cigarette oil infiltrated by the electric heater of the atomizing core is used. If it is too full, the gas pressure in the atomizing chamber will be low, and under the action of heavy energy, more e-liquid will penetrate into the atomizing core, so it is very easy to be discharged from the filter or sucked into the mouth.

Do not overfill or overfill oil for infused iStick Basic.

  1. When applying, it will subconsciously blow air into the electronic cigarette for inspection. The structure of the refillable electronic cigarette is different from that of the injected electronic cigarette. Blowing air into it for a long time will sometimes cause frying oil. The traces were blown into the base together, coupled with the long-term deposition of cold liquid, resulting in oil seepage.
  2. The sealant ring is the most likely to be lost or damaged during the application of electronic cigarettes. Oil seepage can also occur if the sealant ring that makes contact between the atomizing core and the base is lost or damaged.
  3. The oil supply part of the e-vapor cigarette and the fusion part with the rechargeable battery rod are connected according to the sealant ring and the flange. If the external thread is not tightened and the sealant ring is not squeezed, the sealing effect will not be achieved, which will cause the e-liquid to penetrate from the filter or the part fused with the rechargeable battery rod.
  4. Improper application method and excessive smoking range or too fast cause the electronic cigarette oil to be sucked into the mouth.
  5. The e-liquid in the e-vapor cigarette is left for a long time before it is used up, which will also cause oil leakage. Since most e-vapor cigarettes are all negative pressure oil guiding structures, long-term storage will continue to guide the oil because the gas pressure of the e-cigarette vaporizer always exists, and the e-liquid that is used as the atomizing core will penetrate too much. The base causes oil seepage.

To sum up, e-cigarette oil leakage is a relatively common problem. Usually a small amount of e-liquid enters the mouth, but generally a small amount will not affect the body. Everyone should try to use e-cigarettes correctly, and it can be better and less Oil spill situation.

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Is the Smoke from E-cigarettes Safe?

The safety of e-cigarettes from Eleafworld.FR has always been a contentious issue. There are reports that it is safer than smoking, but some people think that electronic cigarettes are full of dangers. Today we will discuss whether the smoke produced by electronic cigarettes is safe. After all, the problem of second-hand smoke is also very serious.

Is the smoke from e-cigarettes safe?

The smoke produced by electronic cigarettes is different from that of cigarettes. It does not require high temperature to burn tobacco leaves, but uses an electronic heating device to evaporate the e-liquid. The special e-liquid releases a large amount of smoke when heated, simulating the effect of tobacco burning.

Therefore, there are many harmful substances in the smoke produced by the burning of cigarettes, such as tar, carbon monoxide, etc. These are the number one criminals that endanger health. Electronic cigarettes Online have no combustion process, so they do not produce the above harmful substances, so from this scheme, electronic cigarettes are much healthier than cigarettes.

So what are the components of the smoke produced by electronic cigarettes?

There are mainly nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, spices and other substances, as well as some harmful substances such as formaldehyde, acrolein, isoprene, acetaldehyde and acetic acid. Of course, the content is relatively small, but there are still hazards, so everyone should not Smoking e-cigarettes in front of family members, especially children.

To sum up, the smoke produced by iStick Pico X is safer than cigarettes. Although the content of harmful substances is small, it also has certain harm. Therefore, smoking electronic cigarettes is still prohibited in public places. As long as it is cigarettes, there must be certain harms. In fact, it is water vapor. I believe that many people do not want it to float in front of you all the time.

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Can We Take Disposable E-cigarettes on the Plane?

Can we take Eleafworld.FR e-cigarettes on the plane? We tell you clearly that it is possible.

  1. Disposable electronic cigarettes have no pressure to pass the security inspection, whether it is e-liquid or the device has a battery.
  2. If your electronic cigarette has a built-in battery or device but the battery is not removed, it is a violation.
  3. Please respect your own usage habits when using electronic cigarettes. Especially quit smoking in public places where others don’t know what’s in your hands.
  4. However, if the security check at some airports does not understand electronic cigarettes, please cooperate with the check.

Electronic cigarettes can be brought on the plane through security. Generally speaking, disposable electronic cigarettes can be brought on the plane, because the structure of Eleaf iWũ is relatively special and not much harmful. If prohibited items are found during security inspection, they may be handed over to the public security organs for processing.

Liquids, gels and sprays are not allowed, such as: mineral water, creams, gels, etc. Knives, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. are also not allowed. Lighters, matches, etc. that can be lit are also not allowed.

If the Eleaf E-cigarette Online is an external battery, that is, if an additional battery needs to be installed, it is recommended to carry the battery with you.

If it is a machine with a built-in battery, it is recommended to separate the machine from the atomizer, then empty the e-juice in the atomizer, and check the body and e-liquid as much as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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University of Pittsburgh: E-cigarettes are Less Harmful than Cigarettes

Public health ethics emphasizes that the achievement of public health goals should “minimize violations of individual rights and freedoms”. Whether smokers decide to quit smoking or switch to Eleafworld.FR e-cigarettes, we should show respect.

Recently, three research scholars from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States pointed out in their research paper that the harm of e-cigarettes is far less than that of cigarettes, and “E-Cigarette Availability” (ECA) should be regarded as a tobacco harm reduction strategy. “E-cigarette availability” is a group intervention to encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. It has two meanings: to make it clear to smokers that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes, and to ensure that they have easy access to e-cigarettes.

The authors of the paper point out that “Eleaf E-cigarettes availability” is supported by two ethical frameworks, public health ethics and biomedical ethics. “E-cigarette availability” can help smokers reduce health risks and hazards, and allow smokers to make health decisions by themselves, in line with the principle of respecting individual rights and autonomy, and promoting social fairness and justice. At the same time, achieving public health goals with “e-cigarette availability” encounters the fewest constraints than traditional tobacco control practices. The authors emphasized in the paper: “Focusing on groups does not conflict with respecting individual rights, and (public health) officials and doctors should encourage smokers to switch to e-cigarettes and reduce violations of individual rights and freedoms of smokers.”

The biomedical ethics framework has proposed four principles, namely respect for autonomy, benevolence (increasing patient welfare), non-maliciousness (avoiding harm to patients), and justice. E-cigarettes are far less harmful than cigarettes, and allowing smokers to switch to e-cigarettes can help smokers avoid the harm caused by traditional tobacco, so it conforms to the principles of benevolence and non-maliciousness.

Even smokers who started to quit smoking in their later years have the right and freedom to pursue harm reduction. Their rights also need to be protected. “Everyone has the right to pursue their own definition of happiness, and we should respect whether smokers decide to quit smoking or switch to vape e-cigarettes,” said Rebecca Thomas of the University of Pittsburgh, one of the authors of the paper.

Since the individual rights of smokers should be respected, it is particularly important to provide accurate e-cigarette information to ensure that smokers make informed decisions. “They (vaping opponents) may say it’s safer to ‘let the public overestimate the risks of vaping’, but concealing and distorting information about vaping will discredit public health agencies.

Once credibility is lost, the public will question or even ignore other risk information it publishes, causing major public health hazards. The Public Health Ethics Framework states that the least restrictive interventions should be used to achieve public health goals. As far as tobacco harm reduction goals are concerned, the provision of Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 to smokers is less restrictive than banning the sale of e-cigarettes and all tobacco products, and thus meets their ethical needs.

In addition, providing smokers with e-cigarette products and e-cigarette harm reduction information can also provide vulnerable groups with cheaper harm reduction programs, reduce social health disparities, and promote social justice.

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco kills more than 8 million people every year, and tobacco harm reduction is imperative. There is substantial evidence that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes, and both the public health ethics framework and the biomedical ethics framework demonstrate that the availability of e-cigarettes is ethical and beneficial, and smokers should be encouraged to switch to e-cigarettes.

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What is the Nicotine Inhalation of E-cigarettes Related to?

The nicotine content of e-cigarettes from Eleafworld.FR is actually not low, so you will consume a certain amount of nicotine every day, but you need to know how much nicotine you will inhale.

What is the nicotine inhalation of e-cigarettes related to?

Mostly it has to do with the nicotine content and how much you puff.

The nicotine contained in e-cigarette juice is generally 3%-5%, and one cartridge is almost three packs of cigarettes, so if one cartridge for three days is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes a day.

Of course, the nicotine in e-cigarettes mod is different from the nicotine in cigarettes. Today’s e-cigarettes are all nicotine salts added.

Nicotine salts were invented in 15 years. The nicotine of traditional e-liquid is free base (FREEBASE), also known as free radical form. His disadvantage is that it is very irritating to the sore throat, so the traditional milligrams are 3 mg and 6 mg, and generally up to 9 mg and 12 mg, which is very irritating to the throat and difficult to enter the throat.

Compared with traditional cigarettes, the nicotine absorption efficiency of atomized aromatherapy humidifiers is very low, so the rate of increasing nicotine (the rate of increasing the nicotine content in the blood) of low-milligram free radicals is also very low, which makes it difficult to smoke free radicals in the past. To solve the addiction, the circle had no choice but to promote him to the big smoke of young, trendy and cool personality.

Nicotine salt is a new chemical form of free radical nicotine combined with organic acid, which is similar to salt. Its biggest feature is that it has little irritation to the throat, so it can make high-milligram content of e-liquid of iStick T80 MELO 4 without significantly irritating the throat. On the premise of increasing the concentration of milliliter units, in order to increase the speed of liters, make it close to the addiction relief effect of traditional cigarettes, so as to achieve the effect of replacing cigarettes.

This is why nicotine salts basically start at 20 mg, 30 mg or even 50 mg per milliliter. Please don’t be intimidated by the numbers, which are one of the arguments in the traditional media attacking aromatherapy humidifiers. As I said earlier, the absorption rate of atomization is very low. In fact, it is 35 mg, and the overall absorption is only close to that of traditional cigarettes.

The above is all the content related to the nicotine inhalation of electronic cigarettes. In fact, it is mainly related to your inhalation amount. You should pay attention to control it and do not smoke too frequently. In fact, nicotine salts are actually more easily absorbed by the human body. Too much is not good for the body.

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Short-term Benefits of E-cigarettes are Confirmed

In our previous article, we took stock of the currently known effects of electronic cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR on health. These were mixed, as is often the case in health when we have little epidemiological perspective on a practice. A recent Cochrane review returns to this thorny question of the benefits and risks of electronic cigarette use.

Undeniable short-term benefits
The review authors searched the scientific literature for studies using e-cigarettes to help patients quit smoking. They were looking for randomized trials and wanted to know how many people had quit smoking thanks to the electronic cigarette at six months and to take stock of possible side effects. Scientists found 50 studies (with a total of 12,430 patients) that met their inclusion criteria, which they had to review because too few randomized trials were available. The experiments compared the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette with nicotine with several other therapies such as:

nicotine replacement via patches or gums;
varenicline, a partial agonist of nicotinic receptors in the central nervous system;
the electronic cigarette without nicotine;
behavioral support.
Using this data, the researchers conclude that people are more likely to quit smoking through nicotine e-cigarettes than using other nicotine replacement therapy or nicotine-free e-cigarettes. Likewise, the use of electronic cigarettes is superior to behavioral therapy alone.

In the long run, this remains to be proven
The investigators’ conclusion is as follows: “Electronic nicotine cigarettes probably help people quit smoking for at least six months. They probably work better than conventional nicotine replacement therapy and nicotine-free e-cigarettes. They may work better than no support or behavioral support alone, and they would not be associated with serious side effects. “

But the authors still wonder if the long-term effects are beneficial. Let us recall the fears that scientists had mentioned in our previous article: the risk of combining, in the future, the use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes. Also new models of e-cigarettes appear on the market offering a better supply of nicotine. The researchers warn that the benefits and risks of these new models will have to be assessed.

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How to Prevent E-cigarette Juice from Being Sucked into Your Mouth

The question of why Elafworld.FR e-cigarette oil is sucked into the mouth will generally lead to three aspects:

  1. It is the condensate residue generated after the atomizer;
  2. It is the design of the atomizer and the nozzle;
  3. Caused by improper use

So how can we prevent e-cigarette oil from entering the mouth?

  1. Pay attention to the angle of use, keep the cigarette holder upward and the cigarette rod tilted downward. If the cigarette holder is downward and the cigarette rod is upward when smoking, the e-liquid will naturally flow down into your mouth due to gravity. Don’t think that it doesn’t matter if you hold it as high as smoking traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes are solid shredded tobacco that you won’t understand, but e-liquid, as the name suggests, will flow.
  2. When using it, be careful not to suck too hard, and it will not emit smoke if too hard. Because when you suck too hard, the e-liquid is sucked directly into your mouth, and it is not atomized by the atomizer. So if you smoke lightly, you will smoke more.
  3. When smoking, pay attention to keep breathing for a long time, so that the e-liquid of vaping mod in the atomizer can be fully atomized by the atomizer, thereby generating more smoke.
  4. Check the battery level. Insufficient power will also cause the e-liquid to be sucked into the mouth without being fully atomized.
  5. Improper operation when adding e-liquid is also a reason; another possibility is that the air intake of the atomizer is too large, and the e-liquid is inhaled into your mouth when it is not evaporated into smoke. Closing the intake vents a bit smaller will do the trick.
  6. When the e-liquid of Pico Squeeze 2 is sucked into the mouth, just throw out the residual e-liquid in the cigarette holder, and then insert the toilet paper stick into the cigarette holder and wipe it clean!
  7. Another problem is the structure of the atomizer. The design of the nozzle did not pay attention to the details. If the C angle is inverted inside, there will be no condensed material, and the condensed material will flow back into the atomizing core. An upside down, smoking can avoid condensate and e-liquid.

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How Many Puffs of E-cigarettes Are Appropriate to Smoke A Day?

Many consumers wonder how many puffs of e-cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR a day is more appropriate. After all, smoking is somewhat convenient. It’s easy to smoke too much and it’s bad for their health. Therefore, they need to deliberately understand the inhalation volume of e-cigarettes, otherwise it is not a good thing to be too addicted to e-cigarettes. Therefore, it is appropriate to calculate how many puffs you smoke a day based on using cigarettes instead of cartridges.

How many puffs of e-cigarettes are appropriate to smoke a day?

If one e-cigarette is equal to how many cigarettes, it is related to the capacity of the cartridge. A 1.5ml pod is expected to smoke about 450-500 cigarettes. If you switch to cigarettes, it’s about 2.5 bags. The 2ml pod is expected to smoke about 600 cigarettes, and it is about 3 packs of cigarettes. The specific situation depends on the size of the pod.

According to the calculation of one pod in two days, about 250-300 puffs a day. If one pod for three days, 160-200 puffs a day. So according to this data, it is normal to smoke about 200 e-cigarettes a day. Of course, some cigarette addicts can smoke five or six hundred puffs a day. This amount is a bit large, but it still needs to be controlled.

Because most brands of smoke bombs are 500-600 now, you can see how many days you smoke, and then divide by the number of days to know how many Eleaf Vaping Device are there. One smoke bomb for two days belongs to a little level, and one smoke bomb for three days is a common the situation, so the recommendation is a smoke bomb for three days, if you can smoke longer the better, you don’t smoke.

After all, too much nicotine is bad. Everyone metabolizes nicotine at a different rate. try your best. Do not smoke if you feel dizzy and nauseous. These symptoms are basically due to excess.

But now e-cigarettes are also beginning to inhale reminders, generally vibrating to remind you how much you smoke, and even some e-cigarette displays tell you how many puffs you take, you can pay attention to their smoking addiction, and even deliberately control their smoking in order to completely quit smoking and give up IORE PRIME It is said that smoking cessation is successful, otherwise it can only be called successful smoking.

How many puffs of e-cigarettes a day is more appropriate? To sum up, about 200 mouthfuls a day is more appropriate. Of course, it’s not authoritative, but most people are this amount. The key to switching to cigarettes based on cartridges is your own smoking frequency. In short, less is better.

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