What Should We Pay Attention to When Quitting Smoking?

January 20, 2022 0 By eleaf

Many smokers are aware of the dangers of smoking, but there is no way to quit smoking. In recent years, electronic cigarettes have entered everyone’s field of vision. More and more young people choose to use electronic cigarettes to replace paper cigarettes. While obtaining a similar taste, it can also reduce the harm caused by cigarettes to health. So in addition to using e-cigarettes to help quit smoking, what else should you pay attention to if you want to quit smoking?

  1. Find alternatives

Being addicted to smoking is a very tormenting thing. At this time, you should choose some substitutes to divert your attention to brushing your teeth and use the taste of toothpaste to clear the addiction. You can also sip on some sunflower seeds to eliminate the idea of ​​smoking based on repeatable behavior. You can also watch a few seasons of your favorite TV series to divert your attention.

  1. Prepare for a long battle

Cigarettes must be very difficult to quit, and this addiction must be quit based on long-term resistance. Before quitting smoking, you must be well prepared for the tough battle, and you cannot give up after a day or two of perseverance. Be prepared for ideas, intervene and fight impulses. Be able to grasp the harm caused by cigarettes to the body in advance, prepare some more terrifying pictures in advance, and always tell yourself that not quitting smoking will be the adverse effect.

  1. Avoid parties as much as possible

There will always be some smokers around you. If you are preparing to quit smoking in advance, you must avoid them as much as possible. Especially in the case of quitting smoking at the beginning, I cannot bear the temptation. In some cases, the smell of smoke will make me especially tormented. So avoid attending such venues until you feel like you’ve quit smoking and can afford the temptation, then fix the party.

  1. Ask someone to supervise

Smoking cessation is a difficult thing for many people. There is no way to completely guarantee it by your own diligence. At this time, you can find the help of others, you can find the help of good friends and relatives, and you can let the people around you. Ask yourself not to let yourself smoke. If a punishment system can be established, the punishment must be more severe, not too mild. If it is too mild, exceptions will be made all of a sudden.

  1. Perseverance

Success can only be achieved through perseverance, and that’s the big truth in everything you do. Although smoking is very simple, quitting smoking is very difficult. There is no other shortcut, only perseverance and persistence. Only perseverance can lead to real victory. Smoking cessation is staged. From the beginning to the end, it can be roughly divided into 4 links. The breakthrough of each period is inseparable from the word perseverance.

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