Advanced Technology: Kros Nano Vape Disposable

October 12, 2022 0 By eleaf

Kros has carefully crafted and launched a new star product of vape online that is enough to hit the disposable electronic cigarette industry market, Kros Nano Vape. For a long time, the change of the entire electronic cigarette industry has never stopped, and each product update will receive extensive attention both inside and outside the industry. Disposable cigarette products are currently the most popular electronic cigarettes, and the industry is in full bloom. Many new brands and new products have emerged in a period of time, and you can feel the burst of inspiration and thinking.

The Kros Nano disposables vape is a flat rectangular box shape. The exterior is a cold hard aluminum alloy material, and one side is a line pattern that can increase friction, which makes it impossible for you to accidentally let the Kros Nano slip on the ground when you hold it in your hand. You can directly guess the different flavors it represents from the color of the device, and of course, the fruit flavors are the main ones, so all the colors of the Kros Nano Disposable are very pleasing to the eye.

The Kros Nano Vape Disposable uses a very advanced modern technology, adding innovative technology, equipped with a high-quality mesh coil, which can make every vape you vape full of fun. The 5% nicotine salt content of 13ml can be called the most perfect configuration. It can meet your requirements in terms of volume and throat hit, which is ideal for people with perfect measurements. The 650mAh battery is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about vaping the entire Kros Nano at once, just use it at your normal speed. With a smooth taste and easy operation, this is a device that is enough to make people feel excited.

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Nicotine Strength: 5% (50MG)
E-Liquid Capacity: 13mL
Approximately: 5000 Puffs

Available in Single Pack
50MG (5.0%) Nicotine
13ml Pre-Filled E-Liquid
Approximately 5000 Puffs
650mAh Integrated Battery

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